There doesn’t seem to be much going on this week in Mississippi litigation, so here is a technology tip for lawyers. 

Your I-phone, I-pad, Galaxy, or other device does not have to state in your email that it was "sent from my i-phone [or whatever you have]." If your emails have this signature, you definitely might look like a rube. 

And heaven help your image if it says it was sent by my Blackberry.Talk about sad and pathetic. I got one of those today from a friend in the legal industry. I asked if it was a joke or if he really still used a Blackberry. He would have come over and kicked my ass, but the stagecoach was running late today.

It’s an easy fix. Go to the settings in your device and find the account setting for the email. You can edit the signature to be your name or anything else.

Or, if you are gunning for the dork image, go all in. Change the signature on your computer email. No more firm logo and contact info. Instead, change it to "sent from my Dell desktop." That way people will see what a technology baller you are. 

One more tip. If your cell phone voice mail is always full, people assume you are hooked on booze or drugs and are on a bender somewhere. People think this because it’s usually true.