In November I wrote about Eaton Corp. making its second attempt to get Hinds County Circuit Judge Jeff Weill to recuse himself from the Eaton v. Frisby lawsuit. Eaton’s long-shot did not come in–Judge Weill denied the motion.

Here is Allison Grant’s article in the Plain-Dealer, which includes a copy of the opinion.

Judge Weill’s order concludes:

While Eaton may have been surprised by the Court’s findings in the September 19, 2012 opinion, Eaton undoubtedly had notice of the procedure utilized. No surprise there. Accordingly, Mr. Wallace’s procedural complaints are not well-taken.  

I don’t know why Eaton counsel Michael Wallace had to file the motion instead of Eaton. I suspect it was a procedural reason based on rules for recusal motions rather than any tactical strategy. 

As we approach the 4-year anniversary of my first post on the case, the litigation is on pace to outlive this blog.