The Los Angeles Times ran this article on Sunday titled “Obama struggles to nominate, confirm federal judges.” It reads like a re-run. The same article could have been written 3 years ago.

The byline of the article accurately states the delay in filling vacancies: “Obama has been slow to nominate judges and Senate Republicans even slower to confirm them.”

My take is that until the Obama administration gets its…..”act” together on making appointments, it should stop bitching about the Republicans delaying confirmation votes. Of course the Republicans are delaying the votes. What do you expect them to do?

This is like a running back who fumbles complaining to the coach that the other team hit him hard and stripped the ball. No _________, Sherlock. Don’t bitch about the other team, do your job.  

Just like Democrats would be delaying votes if it was a Republican president.

Obama should stop whining about what he can’t control and focus on what he can. Once he stops assing off in making appointments, I’ll be the first to agree with him calling out the Republicans in delaying votes.

Which brings us to Mississippi, where we are still waiting on the President to appoint a replacement to the District Court seat that was held by the late Allen Pepper. Northern District U.S. Attorney Felicia Adams is the favorite to get the seat. But others are probably jockeying for the seat and there is no indication that an appointment is imminent.

How long should it really take to name a replacement to fill a district court seat? A month? Two months? Not this damn long, for sure. 

It just doesn’t seem to be a priority for the President. Obama staff members come, staff members go, but it still takes him forever to appoint judges. That’s on him.