Although the January issue is already published, I am just now posting about the contents of the December edition of the invaluable Miss. Jury Verdict Reporter.

The December issue contains detailed reports on the following verdicts:

  • $7,267,390 bench verdict: Meridian Federal Court, November, medical malpractice case;
  • $140,000 verdict: Jackson County, July, I-10 rear-end collision case;
  • $87,290 verdict: Jackson Federal Court, October, dispute over medical practice contract;
  • $69,584 verdict: Gulfport Federal Court, October, religious discrimination case;
  • $26,626 verdict: Lee County, September, slip-and fall, reported here;
  • defense verdict: Hinds County, October, case involving injury when aerial lift collapsed;
  • defense verdict: Lowndes County, February, medical malpractice case involving perforated bowel during surgery;
  • defense verdict: Panola County, November, premises case against a church;
  • defense verdict: Harrison County, July, medical malpractice trial in case involving 1993 baby delivery;
  • defense verdict: Hinds County, November, medical malpractice case involving back surgery; and
  • defense verdict: Washington County, June, trucking negligence case.

Want the details to all these verdicts? Then subscribe to the Miss. Jury Verdict Reporter. The $150 yearly subscription fee is worth it. This blog does not provide anywhere near the detailed coverage of verdicts that MJVR does.