Here are the cases reported in the Miss. Jury Verdict Reporter. For those who want more details about these cases, consult your issue of the Reporter. Don’t have an issue? Then subscribe here. There is a preview of the edition here.

Reported verdicts:

  • $3,500,000 verdict; Hinds County; medical malpractice trial covered here;
  • $383,000 verdict; Lincoln County; conversion, sexual assault case covered here;
  • $12,500 verdict; Jackson County; car wreck case;
  • $11,725 verdict; Lafayette County; care wreck case;
  • directed verdict; Hinds County; premises liability;
  • defense verdict; Madison County; car wreck case;
  • directed verdict; Hattiesburg Federal Court; mobile home negligence;
  • defense verdict; Rankin County; car wreck case; and
  • defense verdict; Jackson Federal Court; life insurance coverage dispute.

Now that the Miss. Jury Verdict Reporter has been out for a few years, a pattern has emerged on reported Mississippi trials.

There are defense verdicts in around half the trials. A good portion of the plaintiff verdicts are for small amounts. Some of these are defense wins, but you don’t really know which ones without knowing the details of the cases.

A small percentage of Mississippi trials result in big verdicts. Most of those seem to get reversed on appeal.

These numbers explain why big-law in Mississippi continues to shrink.