Here are the stats for people taking the Mississippi Bar examination last year (2012):


  • Taking: 105
  • Passing: 63
  • percent passing: 60%


  • Taking: 231
  • Passing: 178
  • percent passing: 77%

Total percent passing for the year: 72%.

My Take:

It’s hard for me to read or hear anything about a bar examination without thinking about my bar exam in July 1993.

We were on the top floor of the Robert E. Lee building. The exam lasted for three full days. It was terrible. The model answers for the prior year’s contract section was 61 pages. Typed. We had about half an hour for the contracts section.

One memory stands out. A jackhammer being used somewhere that sounded like it was right outside the window. The sound of that jackhammer is my enduring memory from that bar exam. I’m sure it didn’t go off for the entire three days, but that’s how I remember it.