After talking about it for three years, Anderson reported a couple of weeks ago that the Mississippi Supreme Court issued an annual report for 2012.

Anderson summarizes the report:

… Looking back on our old post “MSSC cert grants 1998-2009,” they averaged 18%. In 2012, there were 552 COA decisions, 214 cert petitions, 59 grants of cert. It now occurs to me that this data is a bit off, because I may file a 2012 cert petition relating to a 2011 decision, but perhaps it evens out.

Anyway, that’s 10.7% certs granted of total dispositions, which is the 2d-lowest since 1998 (see the previous post). OTOH, that’s 27.6% of the # of petitions filed. 38.8% of COA decisions yield a cert petition. (One would like to see these numbers broken out for criminal/civil, but apparently we should feel fortunate to have any report at all.)

Also, 173 interloc petitions filed, 43 granted, for 24.9%.

Lots of other fun numbers (total cases filed, 1091; 412 dispositions by MSSC, 552 by COA, etc.). Only 32 oral arguments at the MSSC, fewer than 3 per month.

No word yet on whether Anderson has shaved the beard he vowed to grow until the Court caved and issued a new annual report.

My Take:

Despite Anderson’s enthusiasm, the report is a bit disappointing after a three year build up. The report contains no pre-season rankings, team stats from last year, all conference teams or articles on food or fans.

It’s as if the Court does not care that college football season is on the horizon. Or worse, that the Court thinks anyone in Mississippi wants to read about anything other than college football this time of year.

I’m looking for a better effort from the Court next year.