On August 15, 2014 a Jackson federal court jury rendered a defense verdict in Chatham v. Logan’s Roadhouse, Inc. Here is the Complaint.

The Complaint alleges that Ms. Chatham was a business invitee at the Logan’s Roadhouse restaurant located in Meridian, Mississippi. While in the restaurant, Ms. Chatham alleges that employees of the restaurant wiped food from her table onto the floor and that she stepped on food causing her to slip and fall and sustain permanent personal injuries.

According to the Complaint, the food wiped from Ms. Chatham’s table onto the floor created an unreasonably dangerous condition which caused permanent injuries to Ms. Chatham. Logan’s is alleged to have either known of the unreasonably dangerous condition and neither corrected nor adequately warned Ms. Chatham. Ms. Chatham claims that she did not have full knowledge of the unreasonably dangerous condition and could not have been expected to fully realize the unreasonably dangerous condition.

Both plaintiffs testified at trial that they had been in Logan’s multiple times before the day of the fall and had always seen peanut shells on the floor. While seated and waiting on their orders to arrive, the Plaintiffs ate peanuts at their table. When the server arrived with their food, the plaintiffs watched as the Logan’s server wiped the peanut shells onto the area of the floor where Ms. Chatham fell.

Here is the jury’s Final Verdict Form. The jury found that Logan’s was not negligent.

Chris Shaw and Stephanie Edgar with Jones Walker in Jackson represented Logan’s. John Mayo of Meridian and Gregg Rogers of Louisville represented the plaintiffs. Judge Carlton Reeves presided in the case.

My Take:

It’s hard to miss all the garbage on the floor of one of those roadhouse places.

I’m guessing that plaintiffs don’t have a winning record in slip-and-fall cases where the plaintiff falls on their own peanut shells.