Here is a preview of the verdicts detailed in the August issue of the Mississippi Jury Verdict Reporter:

  • $40,000 verdict-  Neshoba County premises liability case discussed here (6/30/14);
  • $6,719, $6,784 verdicts- Harrison County car wreck case (7/23/14);
  • $5,000 verdict [minus 50% comparative fault]- Tate County car wreck case (7/1/14);
  • defense verdict- Hinds County premises liability case (Judge Kidd) (7/16/14);
  • defense verdict- Oktibbeha County car wreck case (11/7/13);
  • defense verdict- Jones County medical malpractice case (6/5/14);
  • defense verdict- Jackson federal court employment retaliation case (7/23/14); and
  • defense verdict- Bolivar County medical malpractice case (8/28/13).

My Take:

In both the car wreck cases where the plaintiffs won, the verdict amounts were less than the plaintiffs’ medical bills. So much for the medical bill “glass floor.”

Maybe twenty years from now, young lawyers at defense firms will gather around the coffee pot to hear grizzled veterans talk about the days when a “runaway jury” might render a $15,000 verdict in a case with $10,000 in medical bills.