Here is a preview of the January 2017 issue of the Miss. Jury Verdict Reporter:

  • $16.5 million settlement- Hattiesburg federal court civil rights case; three men wrongfully convicted of murder; served combined 83 years in prison (8/1/16);
  • $138,960 verdict- Convington County breach of employment contract case covered here (9/9/16);
  • $85,000 verdict- Harrison County county court car wreck case (12/13/16);
  • $6,000 verdict- Hinds County car wreck case covered here (12/5/16);
  • defense verdict- Jefferson County car wreck case (10/13/16); and
  • plaintiff goes to the house during trial- Copiah County timber cutting negligence personal injury case (11/14/16).

DNA evidence cleared the wrongfully convicted in Hattiesburg. The real killer is in prison for a rape committed two years after the murder. The cops beat the plaintiffs (who are all now deceased–one died in prison, the other two shortly after release) into giving false confessions.

My Take:

What a sad case.