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Philip is a trial attorney based in Jackson, Mississippi with a diverse civil litigation practice.

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MDL Leadership Repeat Player Trend Sparks Criticism

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A couple of weeks ago in this post about the Mikal Watts indictment I described the cadre of lawyers who serve on MDL steering committees as an oligarchy. Since then, I’ve noticed that mainstream press also notices the trend. Last week in this New York Times article about the Volkswagen Diesel litigation, Barry Meier writes:… Continue Reading

How Important is the Lawyer’s Office?

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This recent article in the Atlantic asked “Do Lawyers Need Offices Anymore?” From the article: …VLP is one of several “virtual” law firms that are seeking provide legal services on the level of a traditional firm’s while dispensing with office space and having their attorneys work remotely, whether from home, a coffee shop, or a… Continue Reading

Headline on ‘Ambulance-Chasing Lawyers’ Misses the Mark

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Here’s the headline from an article that was on my Zite feed last week: Google’s most expensive search keywords are for ambulance-chasing lawyers. The article goes on to explain how legal related keywords are the most expensive on Google pay-per-click. For instance, ‘San Antonio car wreck attorney’ costs $670.44. Although it’s an attention grabbing headline,… Continue Reading

Jackson Office Occupancy Rates Are Stable

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Here is CBRE’s 2015 Report on Jackson Office Occupancy Rates. The overall vacancy rate is 21.5%, roughly the same as a year ago. Downtown continues to have the largest vacancy rate at 32.6%. Highland Colony has a lower vacancy rate (12.2%) with a higher asking price ($22.80 vs. $16.22). Office occupancy reflects the fact that… Continue Reading

almost back…..hopefully

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I am working today for the first time in over two weeks due to a family medical emergency. Stuff has happened in my absence. There was a $2.7 million verdict in a federal court products case involving a helicopter and a $2.4 award in an investment arbitration proceeding. Seems like there are a few more… Continue Reading

Deposition Witness Murders Clarksdale Attorney

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Clarksdale attorney Ellis Pittman was murdered on Friday by a man who Pittman was suing and deposing at the time of the murder. From WMC: Pittman was suing Frazier over work he had done on his home. Pittman claimed the work was shoddy and Frazier misused funds. Pittman was taking a deposition from Frazier when… Continue Reading

How Will Driverless Vehicles Impact Legal Industry?

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Driverless vehicles are on the way. Seriously. And people are starting to consider how the driverless revolution will impact the economy. My favorite financial blogger Mish Shedlock has a post today about how self-driving trucks will impact the truck driver profession. But it’s not just truck drivers who will be affected: At $40,000 a year,… Continue Reading

Arbitration Jurisprudence Bad for Legal Profession

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Here is a link and pdf to Judith Resnik’s Yale Law Journal Article regarding arbitration. The abstract concludes: The cumulative effect of the Supreme Court’s jurisprudence on arbitration has been to produce an unconstitutional system that undermines both the legitimacy of arbitration and the functions of the court. She’ll get no argument from me on… Continue Reading

Good Stuff in Latest CABA Newsletter

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The Capital Area Bar Association now publishes its newsletter in electronic format. Here is a link to the latest issue. The latest issue includes: an article by me that expands on this January blog post about the civil justice system; Remembering Richie Edmonson, by Steve Funderburg; Remembering Judge Roy Noble Lee, by Jimmie Robertson; From… Continue Reading

What’s Everyone So Mad About?

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In a recent Hotty Toddy.com article about the uproar caused by the IHL board running off Dan Jones, controversial former lawyer and long-time Ole Miss supporter Richard Scruggs led with the following: When I returned to civilization last year from six years in prison, I found that civilization wasn’t how I remembered it. Something had… Continue Reading

Blog Update

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Trial last week. So, this week: The geese are back at the Supreme Court and I want to give my take on Dick Scruggs’ Dan Jones column where he contrasts the general public’s mood when he returned from his extended sabbatical. But right now my brain is too tired for extra-curricular writing. Based on past… Continue Reading

The Imagined Racial Divide

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The Dedmond gang hate crime murder, put into historical context by Judge Carlton Reeves, evokes tremendous sadness about the nation’s racial divide. It is a divide that is very real; and completely illusory. Large segments of our population–white and black–believe that people of the opposite race are different from them. People often cling to this… Continue Reading

Death of the Billable Hour?

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Chase Bryan recently blogged about the billable hour system and alternative fee arrangements. A barrier to alternative fee arrangements is in-house lawyers who are afraid of change: …a former outside lawyer and now a general counsel at a large company, expressed skepticism about alternative fee agreements. He said that everyone talks about alternative fees deals… Continue Reading

Tom Freeland’s Death Silences Influential Voice

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News broke Saturday that Oxford attorney Tom Freeland died at age 59. An attorney in Oxford for over thirty years, Freeland became well known throughout the region as a blogger on NMissCommentor and a predecessor blog. I never met Freeland. But his writing had a huge influence on my decision to start blogging and what… Continue Reading

New Slogans for Civil Litigators

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Courtesy of Lowering the Bar, I saw this ‘awesome’ billboard for a criminal defense lawyer: I love it. But it got me thinking, what would be a comparable slogan for a plaintiff personal injury lawyer. Here’s what I’ve come up with so far: Just because it’s your fault doesn’t mean you can’t get paid. Just… Continue Reading

Follow Up on the Perception of Arbitration Forums

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In my last post I mentioned that arbitration forums are often viewed as rigged for big business. Over the weekend I saw this Barron’s articled titled “The Street’s Due-Process Joke.” It’s about investor arbitration. The cited problem is that Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) arbitration panels are so biased that they deny investors due process.… Continue Reading

You’re Going to Want to Keep Up with the Singing River Health System Debacle

Posted in General, Mississippi Public Employer's Retirement System (PERS)
Having been both busy at work and playing hurt for the last four weeks, I have not been able to study the ongoing Singing River Health System pension debacle enough to add anything to the conversation. But it has quickly become THE big legal story in Mississippi and promises to be for the foreseeable future.… Continue Reading

The Fix is in?

Posted in General, Improving the Jury System
Judges might be appalled to know how much parties theorize that the judge ruled against them because “the other side got to the judge” or “the fix was in.” It doesn’t happen all the time. But it’s not particularly unusual either. People don’t like to contemplate that their side was wrong on an issue or… Continue Reading