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Businesses Bemoan HB 1523

Posted in Politics in Mississippi
The Jackson Free Press ran this article last week about Mississippi businesses suffering as a byproduct of HB 1523, which is a Jim Crow type law that attempts to legalize discrimination against gays. The article notes: Jackson developer and architect Roy Decker lost an investor due to the bill’s passage (Decker is developing one of… Continue Reading

Ear to the Ground on HB 1523

Posted in Politics in Mississippi
It’s been over a month since the Mississippi Legislature and Governor gut-shot the state by enacting HB 1523, which attempts to legalize discrimination against non-heterosexuals. So what’s the reaction been? Terrible. Here is a summary of the reaction to the bill that I have heard and read about so far: Sadness– This is the reaction… Continue Reading

Judge Carlton Reeves States Fact– Internet Blows Up

Posted in Politics in Mississippi, U.S. District Courts in Mississippi
From ABC News, to an AP report on Yahoo, to our own Yall Politics, the internet is blowing up. Shockingly, Judge Carlton Reeves stated in Court that the Confederate Flag is anti-American because it represents those who fought to leave the United States.  Fact Check: The Confederate army fought for the eleven Confederate States of… Continue Reading

Mississippi is Such an Enigma

Posted in Politics in Mississippi
Check out this CNN article about backlash over Mississippi’s new law legalizing discrimination against gay people. It contains a link to the anti-gay ‘Mississippi Tourism’ video that has been making the rounds. It also notes that Mississippi native Robin Roberts (who is gay), is on the cover of the cover of the official Mississippi tour… Continue Reading

Mississippi Legislators Discuss ‘Religious Freedom Bill’

Posted in Politics in Mississippi
According to this Larrison Campbell article on Mississippi Today, some of the Mississippi legislators who voted for the Jesus hates gay people ‘Religious Freedom Bill’ sound like they already have buyer’s remorse. So they’ve decided to play dumb and claim that despite the national clamor over similar bills in other states, they thought the global… Continue Reading

Question of the Day

Posted in Politics in Mississippi
Under the aptly titled “Good job, Governor”, Jackson Jambalaya reported on Col. Phil Bryant proclaiming April to be Confederate History month in Mississippi. How in the name of god’s green earth could any governor think that’s a good idea?… Continue Reading

Chancellor Dawn Beam Appointed to Miss. Supreme Court

Posted in Mississippi Supreme Court, Politics in Mississippi
Last week Governor Bryant appointed Chancellor Dawn Beam to the Mississippi Supreme Court. Judge Beam will fill the vacancy created by the resignation of Justice Pierce, which I covered here. Here is Judge Primeaux’s post on the appointment, which is definitely worth the read. Judge Primeaux applauds the appointment but contends that there should be… Continue Reading

Judge Jimmy Maxwell Appointed to Miss. Supreme Court

Posted in Mississippi Court of Appeals, Mississippi Supreme Court, Politics in Mississippi
On December 23 Governor Bryant announced the appointment of Court of Appeals Judge Jimmy Maxwell to fill Justice David Chandler’s seat on the Mississippi Supreme Court. Here is the Clarion-Ledger article on the appointment. Judge Primeaux explained the back story on his blog last week: Chandler’s resignation earlier this month, to assume leadership of the… Continue Reading

Justice Pierce Resigns from Supreme Court and I Renew My Call for Appointed State Court Judiciary

Posted in Mississippi Supreme Court, Politics in Mississippi
Justice Randy Pierce announced Monday that he is resigning from the Court to head the Judicial College at the University of Mississippi School of Law. Here is the Clarion-Ledger’s article on the story. In yesterday’s post concerning Justice Chandler’s resignation I mentioned rumors of other departures. This was one of the rumors I had heard.… Continue Reading

Winds of Change Blowing at Miss. Supreme Court

Posted in Mississippi Supreme Court, Politics in Mississippi
I was out of town last week, so naturally there was big news in the Mississippi legal community. On Monday, Governor Bryant appointed Supreme Court Justice David Chandler as executive director of the Division of Family Children’s Services, which will oversee the state’s foster care system. Justice Chandler immediately resigned from the Mississippi Supreme Court… Continue Reading

Why Keep a Flag That’s Bad for Business?

Posted in Politics in Mississippi
South Carolina removed the Confederate flag from state grounds last week via impassioned Republican leadership. The following video of South Carolina lawmaker Jenny Horne (R) is worth watching in its entirety: Meanwhile in Mississippi, many Republicans have come out in favor of changing the state flag. Unfortunately, Governor Phil Bryant and Lieutenant Governor Tate Reeves… Continue Reading


Posted in Politics in Mississippi
Who can work with the god-awful Mississippi state flag back in the news. The flag, which voters unwisely didn’t dump in 2001, is being attacked from all corners. Here’s the latest scoreboard on public officials and politicians who have weighed in on the flag: Philip Gunn- Speaker of the House /  Dump it Thad Cochran-… Continue Reading

Governor, Legislature Get it Right with Texting and Driving Bill

Posted in Politics in Mississippi
It was too long coming, but Mississippi has finally enacted a law banning texting while driving. The law prohibits texting, emailing and accessing social networking sites while driving. Kudos to Governor Bryant and the legislature. In particular, Sen. Billy Hudson of Hattiesburg deserves credit for banging the drum on this issue for some time. This… Continue Reading

I’m Not Buying the Dan Jones – Butler Snow Conspiracy Theory

Posted in Politics in Mississippi
Former Governor Ronnie Musgrove published this story on Huffington Post yesterday accusing the IHL Board of firing University of Mississippi Chancellor Dan Jones because he doesn’t like the Butler Snow law firm. Really. I did not see this one coming. From the article: Since Jones’ hiring, [Gov. Haley] Barbour has taken two highly lucrative positions.… Continue Reading