More facts emerged this week from the Kroger beating case. The Plaintiff presented the following evidence against Kroger at trial:

  1. The assailant told his two accomplices that he had "hit" the Kroger twice previously in the past few months.
  2. Kroger had two incident reports for parking lot muggings where the assailant’s description matched the assailant in this case.
  3. Kroger paid to have off-duty JPD and Hinds S.D. deputies patrol the store to guard against shop lifters. There had been no violent crimes in the store.
  4. Kroger had an unarmed security guard in the parking lot who had no power to arrest individuals. The parking lot security cost half ($10.00 per hr.) what the in store security cost. ($17.00-20.00 per hr.).
  5. Kroger could have had armed off-duty law enforcement officers in the parking lot at no extra cost by stationing the security guard in the store and the police officer or deputy in the parking lot.
  6. Kroger gave its customers no warning of the recent history of violent crimes in the parking lot.
  7. At trial Kroger blamed the victim for attempting to defend herself and keep the assailant from taking her purse.

It’s amazing to me that anyone can criticize this verdict.