The Mississippi Bar sent an email to members on Friday warning about an internet scam directed at lawyers. Here is NMC’s post on the scam, which includes a comment that large regional firm Bradley Arant fell for the scam to the tune of $400,000. There is also an ABA story on Bradley Arant getting victimized. Don’t neglect to read the comments, which include:

What do you want to bet this firm only interviews (or interviewed, when anyone was actually hiring) law students in the top 10-15% with Law Journal experience?

Hate to sound like a bitter graduate, but although I may not be in the top 10% or have had the time to do Law Journal, I am certainly not enough of a sucker to have fallen for this trick.  Good grief.

lol i agree.  A C law school student from a 3rd tier law school wouldn’t have fallen for this scam.  It has to be a top 10 student from a top 10 law school. 

The best and brightest have no street smarts and are dumber than a box of rocks when it comes to commen sense. 

If it’s any consolation, I bet the victim can spell better than the guy who wrote that last comment. The Bradley Arant incident did not involve any of the firm’s Mississippi lawyers.

The scam sounded familiar, so I dug through my deleted emails and found the following email, which sounds a lot like the scam:

I  will be out of the office from April 30th through May 30th. I have asked my assistant Rachael to provide necessary information on a breach of contract case resulting to unpaid balance for goods supplied for your possible representation.

The creditor (Suneom Technology Co., Ltd., China), my client has requested for immediate action to proceed with collection of the outstanding balance valued at


You may contact Rachael on — [redacted] for more information.

Treat with prompt attention.

Thank you.


Law Offices [redacted]

[redacted], White Plains, NY 10601

Toll free: [redacted]



This communication contains information which is legally privileged and confidential. It is for the exclusive use of the intended recipient(s).

 I redacted parts of the email because I do not want any of my lawyer readers stealing this potential lucrative client. Like many lawyers, I receive several emails a week that sound like a variety of this scam.