An A.P. article reported in the Clarion-Ledger stated that Sherwin-Williams plans to appeal the $7 million lead paint verdict in Jefferson County last week:

An attorney for Sherwin-Williams said the company will appeal the verdict. Attorney John Corlew said Sherwin-Williams hasn’t used lead in residential paint since 1972.

Before an appeal Sherwin-Williams will file post-trial motions asking Judge Lamar Pickard to issue a judgment in its favor notwithstanding the verdict or a new trial. Sherwin-Williams will probably also ask the judge to reduce the amount of the verdict. Those types of motions are usually denied by trial judges, but they must be filed an ruled on before a filing a notice of appeal. That means that an appeal will not be filed for weeks. A ruling on an appeal is probably two years away. The case could also settle before an appeal is filed or during the appeals process.