A few weeks ago I made a Freedom of Information Act request to the Department of Justice seeking a copy of the government’s immunity agreement with Ed Peters. DOJ refused my request. Here is a copy of DOJ’s refusal letter. According to the DOJ, I am not entitled to the information because Peters did not consent and there was no showing that the public disclosure outweighs Peters’ privacy interests. My request letter to the DOJ did not identify a public interest for the disclosure. My limited research on  the topic, however, suggests that this is not the type of private information that the privacy act was designed to protect. In addition, it’s my understanding that the government should produce the information with the private information redacted.

The suggestion  that the public in not interested in the Peters immunity deal is a joke. I suspect that the DOJ does not want to produce the agreement because it is embarrassed that DOJ granted Peters immunity. My informal reading of public opinion both in and outside the bar is that Peters should have been prosecuted.

Rather than go straight to an appeal I am going to try to clean up DOJ’s objections by submitting another request. If that request is denied I will appeal. In the meantime, if anyone already has the Peters immunity deal and is willing to share it with me I would appreciate it.