Last Friday former Gulfport mayor Brent Warr pleaded guilty to one count of making a fraudulent claim after Hurricane Katrina. Here is the Sun-Herald article on the plea. But the guilty plea looks like a good deal for Warr:

Under the plea agreement, prosecutors dropped 19 other charges against Brent Warr and all 20 against his wife, Laura. Brent Warr was sentenced to three years probation and was ordered to pay $9,558 in restitution.

So no jail time for Warr and the government drops 39 of 40 charges against Warr and his wife. This was obviously a great deal for the Warrs–a huge win. The Warrs should be very happy with the job that their attorney, Joe Sam Owen of Gulfport, did in negotiating this deal.

When the government indicted the Warrs last spring I criticized it in this post. At the time, I had determined that the public on the Coast sympathized with the Warrs and felt like the government basically entrapped them by encouraging home owners to make claims even if they weren’t sure they were eligible. For the government to basically let the Warrs take a walk, it looks like they had second thoughts about the wisdom of the prosecution and the chances for a win before a jury that would have been sympathetic to the Warrs.