The alienation of affection trial in Robertson v. Russell starts in Madison County Circuit Court in Canton on Tuesday. Judge Samac Richardson will preside over the trial.

The defendant is a Jackson doctor who had an affair and later married the plaintiff’s wife. The two worked at the same hospital and worked out together at the same health club in Madison. The affair led to the divorce of both the original couples. Dr. Russell broke off the affair while he tried to save his marriage, but resumed it after his wife left him and moved out of state.

All alienation of affection cases involve salacious testimony, and this one will be no exception. This would be a good case to watch for persons with an interest in the cause of action.

Plaintiff’s attorneys are John Giddens of Jackson and Stephen Maggio of Gulfport. Dr. Russell’s attorneys are Dale Danks and Michael Cory of Jackson.

I will post more about this case after the jury’s verdict.