On Friday Attorney General Jim Hood announced that he will run for re-election in 2011. As stated in the Clarion-Ledger’s article, the big news with Hood’s announcement is that it ends speculation that he will run for governor in 2011. Hood’s decision is a smart one, even if Hood does want to run for governor.

Hood is only forty-seven and has plenty of time to run for governor. With the Hood being a Democrat and the Republican party currently dominating in Mississippi, now is not the time for Hood to give up the office he has for one that he may not win.

The Ledger article points out the commissioner of public safety Steve Simpson may run for A.G.:

Steve Simpson, the commissioner of public safety, said last year that he might run for attorney general in 2011. He could not immediately be reached Friday for comment.

Simpson would presumably run as a Republican. I suspect that Hood would easily beat Simpson. Simpson is from the Coast. Al Hopkins, who is also from the Coast, ran against Hood in the last election and lost. I don’t see Simpson gaining significantly more traction than Hopkins.

Hood promised to continue his good works as A.G.:

"My decision will allow me to continue our hunt for child pornographers and Internet predators; to protect our elderly citizens; and to shield our residents from corporate wrongdoers," Hood said.

Hopefully, Hood will increase prosecutions against nursing homes that abuse and neglect their elderly residents.

Meanwhile, Sunday’s Clarion-Ledger reported on the current state of the Mississippi Democratic party:

Democratic insiders paint a picture of a fractured and unorganized party divided by racial tension and lacking the necessary discipline, leadership and money to make an impact next year in statewide races.

The reasons for the poor Democratic showing in Mississippi are many and complicated. Republicans will probably dominate state-wide elections for many years to come. Jim Hood is the exception, and he may not be able to climb to a higher office than A.G.