As reported in the comments section of this blog, Adley Wahab and other A&O cohorts were arrested this morning:

Adley was arrested this morning in connection with A&O Lifefunds. US Marshall’s and the FBI raided his home in Spring, Texas at approximately 6:15 CST. He was to go before a judge this afternoon although it has been rescheduled for Friday morning. It was delayed due to Mr. Wahab not having a criminal attorney.

Reports are that those arrested include Wahab, Almendinger, Oncale, White, Kurz and Mackert. I will be searching for an indictment and hope to have a full report tomorrow.

Wahab’s history includes falsely claiming that he attended LSU. If you’re going to lie, why not claim Harvard or another Ivy League school? Probably because those schools never play for a BCS title.

For new readers of this blog who aren’t familiar with A&O and its principals, you can read the entire history here.