A Hinds County Circuit Court jury returned a defense verdict on Monday in a medical malpractice case tried before Judge Winston Kidd.

Here is the Complaint in the case filed by James McClure against Dr. Anthony Petro, Dr. Clark Ethridge and Mississippi Baptist Medical Center. The Complaint alleges that Dr. Petro perforated plaintiff’s bowel during a laparoscopic procedure and that defendants breached the standard of care in failing to diagnose and treat the perforated bowel.

Dr. Ethridge was quickly dismissed from the case via a summary judgment motion. I can’t tell from the docket when Baptist was dismissed, but it appears that Baptist was not at the trial.

The trial lasted one week and one day. The jury’s verdict was unanimous. Here is the jury’s hand-written verdict. I hear that the jury thought that the plaintiff’s case was very weak.

Salvador Bivalacqua of New Orleans represented the plaintiff. From the docket, it appears that Walter Johnson and Mildred Morris from Watkins & Eager represented the Dr. Petro. [correction: It was actually Jim Becker who tried the case for the defense with Walter Johnson. Becker is a legendary veteran of the Mississippi defense bar.  Mildred Morris was not involved in the trial].

If anyone has more info. on this verdict I would be happy to report it. This is an example of a stealth defense verdict in a medical malpractice trial. This happens a lot. I heard about the verdict only because my wife is friends with the spouse of one of the jurors.