I did not get much new information today on the $103 million Evans v. Baker McKenzie verdict.

The lead defense lawyer has been identified as James Brown of Liskow & Lewis in New Orleans. Here is his firm bio page. I am not sure who local defense counsel was or whether they had local defense counsel.

I hear that David Dunbar of Jackson was involved in the trial, but I am not sure of his role.

There was a punitive damages component of the verdict of $150,000. Although miniscule compared to the total verdict, it opens the door to the judge awarding attorney’s fees to plaintiff’s counsel. Plaintiff’s counsel could ask for a percentage of the verdict in attorney’s fees—like 1/3. So the miniscule punitive verdict could end up adding a lot to the judgment.

The trial judge was Judge Billy Joe Landrum. Judge Landrum also presided in the August trial that resulted in a $132.5 million verdict in a case involving the death of New York Mets prospect Brian Cole. Here are prior posts on that case.

Judge Landrum has a reputation as being grouchy to defense counsel and I hear that this case was no exception.