Nearly two years since I first blogged about Mississippi U.S. Attorney appointments, Ya’ll Politics links this Patsy Brumfield blog article about renewed speculation that President Obama may be about to appoint state Sen. Gray Tollison as the Northern District U.S. Attorney. Tollison’s name first surfaced as a possibility in July.

Ms. Brumfield sounds tired of the speculation:

So, I wont’ say it’s a sure thing.

But I’m told from a very reliable source, with Washington perspectives, that state Sen. Gray Tollison of Oxford will be The Guy. Tollison is mum on the subject.

Of course, that comes after months and months of on/off/confused, and yea even no reports that it was Oxford attorney Christi R. McCoy or Felicia Adams, who’s an assistant U.S. attorney in Jackson.

But maybe this time, it’s right. We’ll see.

My reaction is the same as I perceive Brumfield’s to be: fatigue.

It reminds me of the scene from the movie Invincible where Mark Wahlberg tells the Eagles manager that they have his name spelled wrong on his locker. The manager’s unenthusiastic response is that he is sorry, but does it really matter?

That’s how I’m going to feel if and when Obama ever gets around to appointing U.S. Attorneys in Mississippi. It will be very anti-climatic because it is something that he should have done a long time ago and has totally botched.