On December 27, 2010 attorney Sherrie Moore sued the Allen, Cobb, Hood & Atkinson law firm of Gulfport in federal court for sexual discrimination and retaliation. The law firm has been around for many years under various names. Here is the Complaint.

Moore alleges that in 2003 she joined the firm as an equity partner. She alleges that the firm had an unwritten policy against hiring African-Americans. Moore further alleges that in April 2010, an associate with the firm brought two white secretaries at the firm into his office and warned them that people like them would likely be targeted for violence at the upcoming Black Spring Break event on the Coast.

Moore alleges that she then confronted the associate about the inappropriate behavior. She alleges that the associate complained to the other partners, who met and decided to fire Moore. She alleges that she was terminated despite earning the largest bonus in the firm in 2009.

Moore’s attorneys are John Maxey and Heather Aby of the Maxey Wann firm in Jackson.

Here is Allen Cobb’s Answer, in which the firm denies Moore’s allegations. The firm’s attorneys are Taylor Smith and Michael Hudson from the Kullman Firm in Tupelo.

My take:

Wow. The allegations sound like scenes from the movie Blazing Saddles.

Cases against lawyers and law firms are knife fights. Cases between lawyers are worse. Just ask the losers of Scruggs-gate.