Who was the President in 2010? Anyone who said George W. Bush is wrong, unless they are going by the inscription at the new federal courthouse in Jackson.

The photo below was taken on Wednesday.  


It’s a federal building for God’s sake. You would think that the feds could get the identity of the President in 2010 right.

Update: NMC explains the reason for the error–and I’m still calling it an error–here.

  • Anderson

    A deliberate slap in the face at Obama. Someone’s head should roll.

  • Judge Mental

    Talk about revisionist history!

  • mattdev

    I’ll give the feds the benefit of the doubt, here. Perhaps Bush is listed on the courthouse as he was POTUS when funding was secured for the construction of the courthouse. And, 2010 is listed as that was the date of completion on the courthouse, with no correlation between the two.

  • Jim Galloway

    That reminds me of the time, about 10 years ago, when I was giving a visitor from Massachusetts a tour of Beauvoir. She saw the bust of Jefferson Davis at the entrance to the museum, and when she read the inscription “President, 1861-1865”, she exclaimed, “Why, Lincoln was the president!”, and I replied, “Not of this country.”

  • I have the answer to how this happened on my blog. It’s the GSA’s fault (surprise!).

  • Tim

    I don’t understand why you’re still calling it an error when, if I read the explanation right, it complies with GSA rules on cornerstones.

  • Philip Thomas

    The GSA rule explains why it’s wrong. It doesn’t make it right.

  • society’s pliers

    Kind of funny how easily folks will see conspiracy/offense where none exists.
    I am glad it is not confined to tea-partiers.
    What did you expect from the federal govt?