In a glorious victory for wiener dogs everywhere, on Tuesday a unanimous Mississippi Court of Appeals reversed and rendered a $130,000 Clay County jury verdict for the victim of a near-miss wiener dog attack. Here is the Court’s decision in Penny Pinchers v. Outlaw. I’m serious. That’s the name of the case.


Sophie was a 4 month old wiener dog.

I obtained an exclusive photo of a representative 4-month old wiener dog puppy, pictured to the right. Might as well of named her Killer.

Sophie’s owner took her to work with her at Penny Pinchers. The rest is history. Outlaw—being afraid of dogs—ran for the back of the store upon entering and hearing Sophie bark. Outlaw could hear Sophie’s claws on the floor and, I presume, her jaws snapping.

When Outlaw saw it was little Sophie, she laughed and resumed shopping. Large quantities of catfish and sugar were on her list. But Outlaw was soon hysterical with pain in her bum hip. An ambulance was dispatched. The lawsuit followed.


A Clay County jury apportioned 70% of fault to Penny Pinchers and 30% to Outlaw and awarded $130,000 in damages.

The Appeal:

The Court of Appeals reversed and rendered based on the finding that there was no dangerous condition.

Judge Kenny Griffis wrote the pack’s majority’s opinion. Wayne Williams of Tupelo represented the defendant. Rod Richmond and Chynee Bailey represented the Plaintiff.

My Take:

This will go down in history as a landmark verdict….for wiener dogs. There are some real troublemakers in the wiener dog breed. The Court’s opinion gives them a license to chase customers around stores throughout Mississippi with impunity. But in a state where most of the population is armed, this could still end badly for the wiener dogs.