Another week-long trial. Another loss. I seem to be getting better at losing trials. Since I agree with NMC that it’s bad form to blog about your own cases, you’ll have to read about it in the Mississippi Jury Verdict Reporter.

Is it just me, or does anyone else’s brain feel like a scrambled egg after a long trial? Win or lose.

Meanwhile, in a blatant attempt to avoid commentary on this blog, Governor Barbour filled the the vacant Court of Appeals seat while I was out of town. Here is a link to the the Clarion-Ledger article about Barbour appointing former Hinds County Circuit Judge Ermea “EJ” Russell to the Court. She replace Chief Judge Leslie King, who Barbour promoted to the Supreme Court.

My Take:

I don’t have much of a take on this. I do not know Russell and never practiced before her while she was on the Hinds County bench. 

I heard a lot of speculation about who might fill King’s seat before Barbour appointed King to the Supreme Court. I heard little to no speculation about the position after the actual King appointment. But I really didn’t go looking for information on it either.

My general sense is that Russell was not previously on most lawyer’s radar. This means that most people don’t have strong feelings about her appointment one way or the other. That may be a good thing. It will allow Judge Russell to be judged by her work on the Court without pre-conceived notions about her bias or abilities.

  • Anderson

    Ah, so that’s why she hasn’t been answering my letters. Good excuse!

  • Anderson

    (Oh, and it’s “Ermea” not “Erma.” Never hurts to spell a judge’s name correctly.)

  • Roland Tembo

    She’s pretty conservative. Didn’t Fordice originally appoint her to the circuit seat and then Green ran against her and won?