The people have spoken and what they want more of on this legal blog is… Key up the theme music from Monday Night Football.

So what’s up this week?

Last week I talked about Texas A&M joining the SEC. That appeared to be a done deal on Wednesday until Baylor and its president Kenneth Starr threatened to sue everyone back to the stone age. Yes, that Kenneth Starr. Who knew he was coaching Baylor?

How rich is the irony that a Baptist college is threatening to sue because it is afraid it will be left out of the football money trough? But it makes sense when you consider that the Big J himself is suing the Republican National Committee for slander.

Meanwhile back in the SEC, LSU put an absolute beat-down on Oregon last weekend in Dallas. The win was not surprising to SEC fans who thought that Auburn did not play its best game against Oregon last year in the BCS Title Game and that several SEC teams would have beaten Oregon that night.

Bryan Curtis wrote a great article about SEC pride. My favorite lines from the article:

Listen as "S-E-C!" rings throughout BCS-dom. Oregon got a chorus from LSU Tigers fans Saturday night — a sequel to the SEC chant Auburn fans laid on them at January’s title game. LSU players chanted it at Ohio State after the 2008 title game; Florida Gators fans chanted it at the Buckeyes in 2007.

After the national championship each year, the SEC fan rushes to message boards to make sure the three magic letters have been uttered. "No SEC chant Bama?" an LSU fan wondered after the 2010 title game. The next year, it was up to a Bama fan to ask, "Did Auburn do the SEC chant?" The South’s football teams can whip anybody — this the SEC fan knows. But he worries his neighbors will forget to remember to rub it in.

The other big story in Mississippi football this week was Ole Miss giving away their game against BYU. The Rebs couldn’t run the ball and lost their two top running backs to injury in the game. So Ole Miss will be looking to air it out more, right? Wrong. Welcome—Ole Miss fans—to the wonderful world of Houston Nutt. The Clarion-Ledger reports:

So it’s time to go four-wide, right? Spread ’em out and open up some running lanes for a speed back (Jeff Scott), while also utilizing the cannon that is Stoudt’s arm? Make Southern Illinois scramble on the sideline as it tries to adjust and find extra cover guys?

Well, uh, no.

"We’ll depend on these backs," Nutt said. "We won’t shy away from Jeff Scott, Devin Thomas. We’ll go right along, according to plan, using that playbook and try to give us the best chance to win."

Great idea coach. Why mess with “success.” With ‘success’ being defined as something that worked when you had different players. I hear the frat houses are full of kids who can run 4.9 40’s, so you’re set at running back.

This is an example of why Arkansas fans got sick of Nutt. He’s not a change the plan kind of guy. He’d rather lose it his way than win it someone else’s way. Don’t believe me? Go look up what happened to offensive master-mind Gus Malzahn at Arkansas. He left after a year because Nutt wanted to run it every play.

Nutt’s way worked at Ole Miss when he had Dexter McCluster, who fit his system perfectly. It doesn’t work with the personnel he had last year and has this year. But Nutt doesn’t change a thing. It reminds me of when James Bell went to Jackson State and grounded the most prolific passing attack in the country because he ran a different system.

Ole Miss looks like they might lose 7 or 8 conference games this year. If that happens Nutt is gone.

As if Ole Miss didn’t have enough problems, there’s this effort to have Mississippi voters decide whether to restore Colonel Reb as the Ole Miss Mascot. In essence, the cranks people behind this initiative are saying: “we don’t care if we suck in football; we’d rather have our racist heritage symbols.”

I know, I know. It’s not about slavery or white supremacy. It’s about rembering the good old days. The days when you did have slavery and white supremacy. But that’s just a coincidence. Some people are just too sensitive about "tradition."  

If they can get that on the ballot, it has an excellent shot of passing. I’d vote for it in order to solidify Ole Miss as the SEC West patsy. All the Miss. State fans would vote for it for the same reason. So would all the fans of other SEC schools. The only people who would vote against it would be the non-crank Ole Miss fans. And they’re in the minority.

Hee hee. I made a funny.

Why does the paper run a painting of Colonel Reb when I’ve got his picture right here?

Meanwhile, Arkansas’ A.D. Jeff ‘No Clue’ Long is bragging about the Hawgs getting asked to join the Big 12. You mean the same Big 12 that lost Nebraska and Colorado and is in the process of losing Texas A&M? The conference that has the old Southwest Conference schools that Arkansas left to join the SEC? That Big 12? And you’re bragging about it?  

Wow! Very that’s a very impressive invitation. Maybe if that doesn’t work out Long can get the Hawgs admitted to the Sunbelt Conference.

That’s about like a lawyer bragging about all the emails he gets from prospective international clients to collect debts.