A Hinds County jury awarded $1.02 million last week to the victim of a miss-filled Coumadin prescription. Coumadin (Warfarin) is a blood thinner prescribed to prevent blood clots that can lead to injuries such as strokes.

Here is a copy of the Complaint. Margie Kemp was the plaintiff. Kemp alleged that Mississippi Discount of Drugs of Clinton gave her 10 mg. tablets of Coumadin instead of the 2 mg. tablets that her doctor prescribed. Employees of Mississippi Foundation of  Central Mississippi called in the prescription. The plaintiff sued both.

The error caused plaintiff to suffer Warfarin toxicity, coagulopathy, acute blood loss, anemia, intra-abdominal bleeding and a ruptured spleen. Doctors had to remove her spleen as a result of the injury.

The jury found against Miss. Discount Drugs and rendered a defense verdict for Miss. Foundation of Central Miss.

Judge Tommie Green presided in the case.

Walter ‘Bubba’ Morrison and Robert Greenlee of Sessums, Dallas & Morrison in Ridgeland represented the plaintiff.

Wade Manor of Scott Sullivan in Ridgeland represented Miss. Discount Drugs. Stephen Kruger of Page Kruger in Flowood represented Miss. Foundation of Central Miss.

My Take:

I feel Manor’s pain. I once lost a miss-filled prescription case in Hinds County with Judge Green presiding. Hardly a week goes by that John Giddens (the winning lawyer in the trial) does not remind me of the case.

Incidentally, if you want to get a verdict against Kruger, you have to wear a burlap suit to trial.