Judge Primeaux’s blog has the story this morning about Court of Appeals Judge William Myers resigning effective December 31, 2011:

COA Judge William Myers has submitted his resignation, effective December 31, 2011.

The replacement appointee will be from the district comprising Forrest, George, Greene, Hancock, Harrison, Jackson, Lamar, Pearl River, Perry, Stone and parts of Wayne counties.

Wouldn’t it be grand if the appointee were a chancellor? Of course, to be appointed, one has to apply for the job.

For those interested in the position:

Anyone interested in applying should send 12 copies of their resume and 12 copies of their writing sample by Nov. 9 to Ed Brunini Jr., Chairman of the Judicial Appointments Advisory Committee, at P.O. Box 119, Jackson, MS 39205. Anyone interested in recommending prospective candidates should send their letters of recommendation to Mr. Brunini at the same address.

My Take:

Twelve copies? 12? in 2011? For a committee that has 31 members? How exactly does that math work?

The judicial appointment advisory committee should also accept applications for a scanner. The committee can use this “scanner” to “scan” the 1 resume and writing sample from applicants. They can then be emailed to the committee members.

Better yet, why not just ask applicants to email their resume and writing sample to Mr. Brunini? Or his assistant if he is too old school to crank a computer.

In all seriousness, I agree with Judge Primeaux that former chancellors are under represented on the Court of Appeals and Supreme Court. There are plenty of good chancellors in Judge Myers’ district and it would be nice to see one of them get the appointment.

Finally, I wonder who will make the appointment? Governor Barbour or Governor Bryant?