On November 16 a Western Division North Mississippi Federal Court Jury returned a $250,000 verdict in an excessive force case in Wilson v. Desoto County.

Here is the Pre-trial Order, which shows the parties’ factual contentions. Plaintiff was arrested for DUI in 2009 and brought to the Desoto County jail with his girlfriend. Plaintiff alleged that Sheriff’s Department personnel beat him after he told his girlfriend that she could request that she be searched by a female officer. Plaintiff’s injuries included an orbital (eye socket) fracture.

The Defendants contended that the officer in question “tripped over his own feet while trying to restrain Wilson” and they fell to the floor. 

The jury found for the plaintiff against Desoto County and the tripping attacking officer. Here is the jury’s verdict. Here is the judgment.   

Phillip Stroud and Brandon Flechas of Southaven represented the plaintiff. Daniel Griffin and Michael Carr of Cleveland represented the defendants. Judge Neal Biggers presided in the case.

  • Ian

    I am curious as to how the Plaintiff was able to get enough evidence to establish a prima facie “custom and practice” claim against the municipality? Doing so is a tall task. I would also assume that costs, when assessed, are going to exceed 100k with attorneys fees. Looks like a win for the Plaintiff.