Wednesday’s Clarion-Ledger contained this article about the City of Jackson settling a lawsuit with Cedric Willis, who was wrongfully imprisoned for 12 years. Willis was convicted of murder and armed robbery in 1997, but was later exonerated by DNA evidence. 

Willis alleged that the City of Jackson was at fault because a police officer lied when he claimed that a confidential informant identified Willis as the perpetrator. But Willis’ attorney Rob McDuff of Jackson stated that the majority of blame should go to former Hinds County District Attorney Ed Peters and his assistant D.A. Bobby DeLaughter:

Willis’ attorney, Rob McDuff said the settlement was less than his client should have received, but called it a "reasonable compromise" in light of a recent U.S. Supreme Court decision that made it harder to win this sort of case.

"This settlement of Cedric’s federal constitutional claims is not what he should have received, but there were certain factors that required us to compromise," McDuff said.

"We could not sue the culprits most responsible – former prosecutors Ed Peters and Bobby DeLaughter – because of the legal doctrine of prosecutorial immunity."

Ed Peters was something else. Dirty as all get-up but equally slippery. At least DeLaughter lost his job and did some time.