A Warren County jury returned a plaintiff verdict of $654,000 on Friday in the second trial of a slip and fall case. The style of the case was Goodman v. APAC-Mississippi.

This was the re-trial of a case originally tried in 2000. The first trial resulted in a plaintiff verdict of $400,000. Here is the Supreme Court’s 2002 opinion reversing the verdict and remanding the case for a new trial.

According to the 2002 opinion, the plaintiff alleged that he injured his knee when he slipped on mud at an APAC work site. I’m not sure when the accident happened, but I understand that the case was filed in 1996. One of the reasons for the reversal was that the trial court improperly excluded a photograph of the work site on the day of the accident because it did not depict the spot where Goodman fell.

Rocky Wilkins of Jackson and and Kelly Loyacono of Vicksburg represented the plaintiff. Rob Wells of Young Williams in Jackson represented the defendant.