As reported on Jackson Jambalaya last week, Hinds County Chancery Judge Dewayne Thomas jailed Brandon lawyer Michael J. Brown for—allegedly—stealing $3 million from a minor client. Judge Thomas’ Order is posted in full on JJ.

If you’re like me you said, “wait a minute, I’ve heard of Michael Brown.” Problem is, the Mississippi Bar Directory lists 5 Michael Browns practicing law in Mississippi—all of them in the Jackson area. So the Michael Brown that you know might not be the thief (allegedly).

As for the alleged thief Michael J. Brown, they need to put that guy in jail and throw away the key. The guy never deposited the funds into a bank account. It sounds like he knew that he was going to steal the money—or at least “borrow” it—from day 1.

Lawyers stealing from their clients is a recurring theme lately with the Van Leonard fiasco and other instances of lawyer thievery. Courts need to give these guys harsh sentences to deter other lawyers from "borrowing" client funds.