I’ve heard from a lot of defense lawyers this week about what an abomination the Republicans’ "loser pays" legislation would be for the people of the State of Mississippi. My response is…..say it (play video):

Not to me. I get it. Say it to your elected representatives. Say it publicly. Don’t be afraid. You can do it.

Do not tell me that you are afraid that your clients would not like it if you say it.

First, you underestimate your clients. Those in-house lawyers and insurance adjusters you work for need the legal system just as bad as you do. What exactly is it you think they would be doing if they didn’t have you to manage? Like you, they are expendable. So they will not get bent out of shape if you speak up for the citizens of your state.

Second, you aren’t going to have any clients if this bill passes. Look to the lawyer to your right. Look to the lawyer to your left. Look at your legal assistant and secretary. None of you will have your current job in three years if this bill passes. Entire insurance defense firms will disappear. Litigation departments of full service firms will be gutted.

Most importantly, this bill is bad for the people of this state. And you know it.