The post last week about the Court of Appeals decision in the Hinds County Wackenhut-McDonald’s premises liability case generated a lot of discussion. Posted below are the two videos from inside the McDonald’s. The first video shows the Wackenhut security guard shoving the plaintiff with a lot of force. The second video from the back of the store better shows what plaintiff was doing and that the restaurant was empty. Matt Eichelberger’s comment to the original post indicates that the security guard got caught lying about what happened.

Having reviewed the videos, I vote not a frivolous case. My definition for "frivolous" is a case that has no arguable merit. The merits of this case are debatable. A jury reviewed the facts and determined that the case had merits. It could have gone the other way. This video is probably the main reason the Court remanded the case for a new trial instead of rendering.