There are reports from Jones County that there was a defense verdict today in the re-trial of the case last year that resulted in a $322 million verdict in Smith County. This was the case where the Supreme Court removed Judge Eddie Bowen after the trial and retired Judge William Coleman took over and moved the second trial to Jones County.

Here are my previous posts on the case

My favorite part of the story surrounding the first trial was this:

There is also a rumor that plaintiff’s counsel went in Char in Jackson last night, had the band play Queen’s “We are the Champions” and ran around the place "taking a victory lap" giving everyone high fives.

I guess they have now been stripped of the title. Someone alert the band at Char that Forman Perry lawyers are headed back to Jackson and will take their victory lap tonight at 9:00 p.m. A victory lap after wiping out a $322 million verdict would be absolutely in poor taste justified.

I’m sure there will be more to discuss on this case later.