Every week I look forward to the email with Ed Sanders’ Bottom Line, which summarizes the week’s decision by the Miss. Supreme Court and Court of Appeals. It’s a great way to keep up with the latest decisions. If you don’t already subscribe, you  can sign up for email delivery of the Bottom Line at Davidson Bowie and Sanders’ website

My favorite part of the weekly email is the summary for the week and year of jury verdicts and summary judgments affirmed and reversed and the dollar amount of verdicts affirmed and reversed.

As of last week, here were the totals for the year as reported by Sanders:

Affirmed jury verdicts: 8

Reversed jury verdicts: 3

Affirmed summary judgments: 16

Reversed summary judgments: 16

Amount of affirmed jury verdicts: $1,194,000

Amount of reversed jury verdicts: $1,083,000.

My Take:

Amazingly balanced numbers on the whole. You would expect more reversals of summary judgment rulings than verdicts because of the de nova standard or review for summary judgment.

It’s worth noting that the average amount of the affirmed verdicts is $149,250 compared to $361,000 as the average for the reversed verdicts. But this probably isn’t enough verdicts to read anything into that.