The jury is deliberating in the Oracle v. Google trial involving software patents. The case is pending in Federal Court in Northern California. Although not a Mississippi case, the trial has a Mississippi connection.

Here is an article on the judge in the case, District Judge William Alsup. Judge Alsup grew up in South Jackson and attended Mississippi State and Harvard Law School.

The article mentions Mississippi several times:

During an early morning interview last week in his chambers, Alsup discussed everything from his reputation for running a tough courtroom to his days as a student fighting for civil rights causes on the Mississippi State campus during the 1960s.

Alsup would not discuss the Oracle-Google clash, in which a jury will consider Oracle’s claims that the search giant’s Android mobile phone technology infringes on its patents. But he downplayed the suggestion that overseeing such a big case may change his courtroom style.

"It probably affects me some," said Alsup, his Mississippi upbringing still flavoring his words. "But, really, in most ways, no."

  Interesting stuff.