Last week a Jones County jury rendered an almost $1.7 million verdict in a silica wrongful death case. The name of the case was Reeves v. Pangborn

The jury awarded $1,649,000 in compensatory damages and $50,000 in punitive damages.

Patrick Malouf of Porter and Malouf in Ridgeland and Allen Smith of Jackson represented the plaintiff. John Cosmich of Jackson represented the Defendant MS Valley Silica Company.

Judge Billy Joe Landrum presided in the case.

  • Anderson

    In view of previous silica cases reported on this fine blog, the jury’s verdict form would be of consummate interest, if someone could send that to Philip.

  • Sandman

    From what I hear, fault was apportioned to Mississippi Valley, the Plaintiff, and another sand company defendant that was not in the case. Mississippi Valley will be on the hook for approximately $250,000.

  • Anderson

    Sandman, I hope very much that you (1) handle silica cases for a living and (2) have SANDMAN on your license plate. Because that would be so cool.
    Thanks for the info!