Miss. Jury Verdict Reporter’s June issue reports on a lawsuit involving a rather odd injury:

[Plaintiff], a long-time herbicide salesman and Madison resident, was a part of the so-called swinger lifestyle. Swingers as they are known engage in consensual group sex. [Plaintiff] developed a sexual relationship with a Vicksburg couple, family practice doctor… and his wife [a nurse].

Plaintiff alleged that the three were “swinging” in 2006 when the nurse gave him a shot in his penis that caused an erection. For 4 days.

By the time the plaintiff swallowed his pride and sought treatment, his penis had suffered arterial damage and he was permanently impotent.

Plaintiff sued the swinging doctor and nurse for medical malpractice.

 The Circuit Court of Warren County directed a verdict for the defendants on the grounds that plaintiff failed to produce a standard of care expert.

Judge James Chaney presided in the case. John Holaday of Flowood represented the plaintiff. Reeve Jacobus and Heber Simmons of Ridgeland represented the defendants.

My Take:

What’s the world coming to when someone files a swinger injury lawsuit you can’t trust the medical judgment of a doctor and nurse who you are swinging with?

Who do you get as your expert? An experienced swinger? Another swinging doctor? A porn star? I’m just asking.

I suggest that there are some injuries you just can’t sue for. This is one. Justice may me blind, but it has ears. 

Finally, I know your question. The answer is: I don’t know if the plaintiff lives in Reunion.