Yesterday Ya’ll Politics had this post about the formation of Justice Mike Randolph’s campaign committee. It’s an impressive list of bar and business leaders in South Mississippi.

The list includes multiple past presidents of both the Mississippi Bar and the Mississippi Association for Justice, which is a bar group limited to plaintiff’s attorneys.

It’s an impressive list. Plugged in folks in South Mississippi will know, or know of, just about everyone on the committee. And if a football game breaks out, Justice Randolph can count on committee member Brett Favre to quarterback his squad. But if that happens, expect Randolph to get penalized 15 yards for piling on.

 Meanwhile, Justice Randolph’s challenger—flamboyant Hattiesburg lawyer Tal Braddock—is off to a slower start. Braddock’s campaign finance filings show that he has raised a total of $500. Of that, $400 came from Braddock’s secretary. The other $100 came from Joseph Speed, an insurance agent from Madison. Incidentally, I didn’t think that candidates had to list donations of less than $100 on their finance report. 

In pro wrestling (that’s right, I know my wrasslin) an extremely one-sided match that is over quickly is called a “squash.” Randolph is going to squash Braddock in this election.