In 2010 the Ohazurike family–of obscure board game fame–obtained a $3.6 million judgment in a Hinds County Circuit Court case that should have been in county court. Here is my post on the verdict.  

On Thursday the Mississippi Supreme Court sank the Ohazurike’s proverbial Battleship in a unanimous decision. What was the Court’s vote? I’ll give you a Clue. Justice Kitchens concurred.

The result means no Payday for the Ohazurike family. With other recent reversals, it’s clear that plaintiff’s lawyer Ashley Ogden does not have a Monopoly on winning cases at the Mississippi Supreme Court. But hey, that’s Life, right?

So where did the plaintiff’s Stratego go wrong? By not disclosing expert opinions before trial and then using Dr. Glenda Glover to opine that future lost profits were $15.6 million for an Operation that had never made a profit. That will make the buzzer ring every time.

The Supreme Court is certainly no Candyland for plaintiffs. But any verdict like this should be in Trouble. Some would say it’s all a bit of an Aggravation.

A plaintiff who gets way more money than their case is worth may end up Sorry.

My Take:

Just what the civil justice system does not need. A verdict that makes the system look like a slot machine.

Cases like this are bad for the system. Sure the Supreme Court cleans up the mess and reverses. But conservative jurors in places like Rankin County hear about verdicts like this and take it out on legitimate cases by rendering the all too common verdict of something like $10,000 for a rear-ended plaintiff who has $9,000 in medicals.

And those verdicts get affirmed on appeal.