Three years ago I repeatedly tried to get information on the Ed Peters immunity deal with the Department of Justice. I wrote about my unsuccessful attempts here, here, here and here.

Eventually, I gave up because: (1) beating your head against a wall kind of hurts; and (2) retired federal prosecutor Tom Dawson disclosed and explained Peters’ immunity deal in the book Kings of Tort:

On page 199, the book states that in exchange for immunity, “Peters would surrender his law license, resign from the bar permanently, and forfeit all monies received from Scruggs and Langston, in addition to[throwing Bobby DeLaughter under the bus] testifying truthfully.”

As it turned out, Peters was dirtier than the guys DOJ gave him immunity to get—he just didn’t have his own jet that they could ground.

Amazingly, this week, out of nowhere, I got another response letter from DOJ. Here it is. What does DOJ say now? “We looked and we don’t have any Ed Peters documents.” 

Naturally. Years later there is no paper to document a dumb decision to give Peters immunity.