Earlier today while writing a post that will appear tomorrow, I wondered about the timing of how the Eaton-Peters saga fit into, for lack of a better description, Scruggs-gate. This afternoon NMC has the answer here.  

It’s fascinating to see what was happening as the feds lowered the boom. 

Check out this insight by NMC on a fact revealed in Judge Weill’s order:


December 11, 2007:   Vic Leo’s desk phone notes report Eaton was investigating “after the publication of media reports” about the subpoena issued to Langston Law Firm “seeking documents reflecting payments made to Ed Peters regarding a matter before Judge DeLaughter.”  Opinion at 93.

I have serious questions about this one.  There were no press reports connecting that search to DeLaughter at the time of the search.  If Leo heard such a thing, he did not hear it from the media on the December 11th, or to my knowledge before December 17th.  I wonder what he really heard and where he heard it.