My computer server crashed on Friday. It was an expensive Dell that was less than 3 years old. If your server has never crashed, it sucks. I didn’t lose any data, but work grounded to a halt. Hopefully, we’ll be back up to full speed today.

That pretty much settles it though. I’m headed to the cloud. In 10 years of practice, I’ve now been through three servers. Servers are not cheap. The cloud seems to be less expensive and work better. Plus, I can always go back to a server if it doesn’t work.

My experimentation with Dropbox in the last year has shown me the benefits and potential of the cloud. If you haven’t already, you really should take a look at Dropbox or a similar product.

While we get the computers back running today, take a look at this new blog on the topic of lawyers’ personalities and how we think. Here is a sample of a post on lawyer negativity:

  • For most lawyers, negative thinking is quite necessary in order to do a good job in representing a client. That’s the problem–the people who are attracted into the legal profession think more negatively than the general public to begin with. Studies show that those with lower levels of negativity drop out of both law school and out of the profession, thus concentrating the more highly negative thinkers. That negativity gets further reinforced when you work every day in a negative climate where negative thinking is rewarded.

Interesting stuff for someone whose nickname is ‘Sunshine.’