A few weeks ago I asked if Mitt Romney is running the worst campaign ever. Then the first debate happened and Obama started looking like he has Les Miles calling his plays.

You know Miles, the LSU coach who often watches his team totally dominate the opposition for 55 minutes only to wake up with 5 minutes left in the game and his team somehow up by only 2. And coached by a man who can’t keep up with things like how many timeouts he has or what play he might call if he’s at the 2 yard line and there’s only time for one play. 

Now I’m starting to wonder this: are both Romney and Obama right when they criticize the other? And is either a solution to the challenges faced by our country?

I’m not sure how many voters actually like their candidate. Romney supporters don’t like Obama. Do they like Romney? I’m not feeling it. 

In 2000 Republicans liked George W. Bush. That was their big argument. “Hey, don’t you just like this guy more than Gore?” Now? Republicans don’t like Romney. They just think he’d be better than Obama.

In 2008 Democrats liked Obama. Hell, they loved him. Now? Not so much. But Democrats dislike Romney with his silver spoon background and unapologetic flip-flops.

Maybe that’s why this campaign is so negative. There are no positives. Just a battle of negatives. Nobody believes their guy is going to save the country. Just that the other one will screw it up worse.

Despite trying to paint stark contrasts, these two guys have a lot in common. They both went to Ivy League schools and travel in circles that most of us can only read about on TMZ, People Magazine and other similar outlets. In 6 years they will both be very wealthy no matter what happens to the rest of us.

For them, it’s sort of like a tough fight to see who will be the next commodore at the yacht club. May the best man win. "Hey you, get me a refill pronto."  

It’s like the whole country is fighting over which Apple is preferable from the Kroger apple bin, when we don’t really like the looks of any of them.