The Miss. Jury Verdict Reporter Year in Review has been released and is a stunning collection of data for Mississippi trials.  The issue is 226 pages long. 226-that’s not a typo.

Included are summaries based on region, case type, attorneys and million dollar verdicts.

The most interesting stat to me: Plaintiffs went 3-24 in medical malpractice trials. Of the three plaintiff wins, one was a bench verdict and one was a settlement as trial began. So technically the plaintiffs’ record was 2-24.

The one plaintiff jury verdict in a med-mal case? A $250,000 verdict in Lauderdale County.

The only thing comparable to defendant’s success in med-mal cases is plaintiff’s perfect 6-0 record in alienation of affection trials over the last two years. You could say there is no connection. I would disagree.

I believe there is a lot of jury bias involved for defendants in med-mal cases and plaintiffs in alienation of affection cases.

One thing to keep in mind about the year in review is that it is a summary of the MJVR publication for that year rather than the actual trials during the calendar year. That means that  this December plaintiff’s verdict in a med-mal case that is reported in the January issue will be in the 2013 year in review.

You can order the Year in Review Issue here.