As reported by the A.P., Josiah Coleman will be sworn in as justice on the Mississippi Supreme Court Monday morning. The article did not list the time of the swearing in, but the Court’s website lists it as 10:00 a.m. in the en banc courtroom. 

Justices Randolph and King will also take oaths for their new terms.

As is traditionally the case, Justice Coleman will have a formal investiture ceremony at a later date. Typically, there is more to see at the investiture than the swearing in ceremony.

The swearing in ceremony is mostly just that–getting sworn in. Investitures are longer with more speakers and the focus only on the new judge or justice.

For practicing lawyers, there is something to be learned about the operation of the judicial system from attending investitures. But it’s hard to articulate what it is.

Investitures always make me feel better about the judicial system and being a lawyer. Maybe it’s because everyone there appreciates our profession and the bashers stay home.