Mississippi Senate Bill No. 2376 is a proposal to abolish Mississippi’s fairly ridiculous alienation of affection cause of action:

Section 1.  The tort of alienation of affection is abolished, and no cause of action shall lie thereon at the suit of any party.

Section 2 would make the bill effective on July 1, 2013.

My Take:

This would be a good law.

I would like the draftsmanship better if there was a period after abolished and the rest of the section left out. I hate words like “theron.” And “no cause of action shall like thereon at the suit of any party”? Unnecessary in my opinion.

Our legislature is probably too busy trying to secede from the Union to pass it.

  • Shannon Ragland

    Never. That is the best (and worst) cause of action ever.
    Although I will agree with secession is probably not a good idea.

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  • jt

    I do not think that is it good to abolish this tort. I have been a victim of another woman coming in to my marriage and destroying it. This law should be in place to protect spouses and families. And to punish whoever is the cause of destroying a family.

  • A.Davis

    This law is here for a reason. A woman is destroying my marriage right now. She has bought him expensive things and uses her money to keep him. If I sue her I get her money and my family back. This is exactly what heartless homewrecking tramps need. Marriage is Gods plan,its the devils plan to destroy it. Whos side are you on?

  • Connie Whitlock

    No outside woman or man is the cause of destroying a marriage. Whomever you are married to is the cause. Even if you think him or her pays you your spouses heart or mind is still with the other person. This is rediculous of this law. That’s just like having a baby by a man to make him stay with you. If he doesn’t want you he just doesn’t want you. Get your self esteem up and move on. You don’t need him anyway. Especially if he is cheating!!!!!!!!

  • Rh

    I am being sued for alienation as we speak. This case gets weirder as each day passes. This woman just submits ramblings to my atty. I cannot believe that her atty is serious. She is also suing the mans ex wife for helping me seduce him. There was no adultery. I own nothing and do not work. This has been hanging over me for three years and has taken a rather large toll on my health. She will never get any money if she wins. This is just happening for some sort of sick vengeance. This woman didn’t need any help alienating anyone, trust that.


    This law is absolute NONSENSE, and any rational intelligent person can see it as such. Every person within normal circumstances is responsible for his/her actions. If my spouse cheats on me, they and they ALONE are to be held accountable for that infidelity. The third party owes me NOTHING, nor have they forced my spouse to do anything that they didn’t want to do. Everyone who wines and cries to the contrary, because they are participants in a failed marriage, or simply cannot conceive of their spouses wanting something or someone outside of THEM, are delusional and sad. They are of weak character and in deliberate denial of the harsh realities of life. Which is “shyt happens”… They probably blame rap music and Grand Theft Auto for all the violence and crime in the world. As well as believe that having a baby will lock their significant other into their relationship forever…SMH.

  • Rh

    My case I posted about 7 months ago is still going. Her atty is trying to combine this case with another case and was shot down in County court. So he is threatening to co to the Circuit court with it, it is totally frivolous and is just to delay the case and harass. The Plaintiff refuses to depose….she wouldn’t even give her address in her interrogatories because she claims to be in fear of her life. I wonder when this will ever just be over with.